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Localita' Prapiccinin, 6, 17046 Sassello SV, Italy

Virginia is a historic brand name created in 1860, synonymous with quality and sophistication in the art of confectionery. It became famous for its production of soft Amaretti and today also provides a vast range of elegant and exquisite specialities. The ...

  • biscuits
  • Amaretti
Via Terza Armata, 91, 34170 Gorizia GO, Italy

Coffee is a passion, a pleasure, a heady aroma, a time to take out for yourself. Come and visit our site, where you can choose from the many blends that exalt the finest characteristics of an excellent coffee, with an exclusive ...

  • coffee blends
  • contract roasting of coffee and related products
Via Cav. Faustino Ghidini, 15, 25030 Torbole Casaglia BS, Italy

Fabian is an Italian Company that produces sandwiches, pizza, focacce, piadine, for Ho. re. ca. , GDO, and Vending machines. In the market since 1998, Fabian has had the skill to conquer the trust of an ever larger clientele, thanks to ...

  • dietary and organic foods
  • food specialities
  • pizza, panini and focacce
  • healthy snacks
  • italiano
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Via Viola, 13, 80056 Ercolano NA, Italy

VALLETTI JOSEPH s.r.l. is an italian import-export company of used clothing and accessories from 1976. The importation of used clothes and accessories from all Europe, particularly from Germany, Switzerland and Holland, guarantees high quality products. The selection of only original goods ...

  • import-export - textile and clothing
  • used clothing
  • used clothing export
  • rags for industry
  • used shoes
  • +2 more

We are for over 30 years in the “frozen world” and we deal with processing of food products, mainly based on fish, but also cheese vegetables and meats. We specialize in the production of ready meals, breaded and battered, with a ...

  • Fingerfood
  • food
  • frozen
  • Fish burgers
  • Frozen Meat and Fish
  • processed meat
  • ethnic food
  • snack
  • Processed Fish
  • Frozen and deep-frozen food
  • Frozen ready meals
  • Breaded and battered ready meals
  • Natural frozen fish
  • Gluten free food
  • Processed vegerable
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Via della Città, 27, 50052 Certaldo FI, Italy

Knowledgeable master craftsmanship combined with technology and continual stylistic research make Certaldese a leading company in the component sector for footwear, leatherwork, clothing and furnishings. A robust and rapidly growing company in which organisation, quality and customer service are the foundations ...

  • leather and shoes - supplies and accessories
  • supplies for shoe factories and shoemakers
  • leather accessories
  • we operate internationally
  • leather furniture
  • leather floors
  • leather belts
  • leather goods workshop
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Via Zara, 20, 75025 Policoro MT, Italy

Planitalia srl is a company belonging to the Spanish Planasa s. a. , which sells different certified and guaranteed varieties of strawberry, small fruit and fruit trees. Research, innovation and professionalism.

  • nurseries
  • plants
  • plum trees
  • drupacea
  • strawberry
  • candonga
  • nursery worker equipment
  • nursery
  • growing
  • nectarines
  • peach trees
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Via Tiziano Vecellio, 6, 32100 Belluno BL, Italy

Tolde srl is situated in Belluno, in the north of Italy. Founded in 1977, the company trades abroad and is particularly involved in the international distribution of tested technical equipment. Its clientele includes industrial giants in the field of oil and ...

  • glues, adhesives and applicators
  • safety equipment, work
  • enviroment
  • filtering equipment and supplies
  • electrical components and parts
  • hand tools, non-power
  • pipes and tubes - ferrous metal
  • electricity generators
  • electric motors and parts
  • electric cables
  • electric motors - ac
  • welding, electric - equipment and supplies
  • compressors
  • workshop furniture and fittings
  • electric motors - dc
  • measurement and regulation equipment and instruments - pressure
  • petrochemical industry
  • instruments and accessories
  • laundry - materials and equipment
  • supplies for the oil industry
  • insulating materials
  • bearings and linings
  • air conditioning units
  • dry cleaning - materials and equipment
  • telecommunication systems
  • electrical switchgear
  • chemical product
  • electrical power supply cable
  • piping accessories
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Via Luigi Albertini, 36, 60131 Ancona, Italy

Alfa Engineer Support was founded in 1990 by Lorenzo Loreti, who has a wealth of professional skills and industry experience. Since then, Alfa Engineer Support has forged a reputation as a specialist partner of the highest reliability, working with clients from ...

  • detergents
  • enviroment
  • speciality lubricants
  • industrial lubricants
  • solvents
  • lubricant
  • anti corrosion
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Viale Abruzzi, 94, 20131 Milano, Italy

Itochu works in import-export, intermediation, investments for joint-ventures. Main activities: TEXTILE GROUP-MATERIAL TEAM Wholesale import/export of fibres and threads; TEXTILE GROUP-BRAND MARKETING TEAM Licence/Distribution of fashion brands in Japan; FOOD GROUP Import/export of food products.

  • fruits and vegetables - import-export
  • import-export - textile and clothing
  • textile - import-export
  • threads and yarns
  • food - import-export
  • fruit juice export
  • distribution of fashion brands in japan
  • vegetable oil
  • aramad cloth
  • cupro threads
  • animal food
  • triacetate threads
  • frozen food
  • food ingredients
  • textile and plant blend spun yarns and threads
  • weaving yarns
  • export
  • foodstuffs export
  • textile, natural and synthetic fibre blend spun yards and threads
  • nylon yarn
  • polyester spun yarns and threads
  • wholesale yarns
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