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Industrial Area 17,

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58 Hangwamaeul-gil, Sachun-myun,Gangneung-si

Donglimfood, Co. Limited is a world-class producer of advanced “Freeze Vacuum Dry” food block, flake, baby food and finished products etc. Since established in 2005, Donglimfood has been supplying various food block& flake soup for noodle companies and finished ...

  • soups
  • korean
  • noodle manufacturer
  • frozen at sea fillets
  • fish fillets
  • freeze dried food
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8 Richelieu Park, Dublin 4, Ireland

The plants we install and maintain are a reflection of us as much as they are of our clients. That’s why we take special care during every phase of the interior landscaping process. Before we install the first plant, our designers ...

  • landscaping
  • Office Plants
  • indoor plants
  • Corporate plants
  • Rent plants
  • rent office plants
  • plants for office
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11 Cecil Street, Limerick, Ireland

Often called the ‘best kept secret in town’, The Grove is Limerick’s first and longest running vegetarian and healthfood restaurant. Opened in 1981 by Kay Whelan, The Grove has been a regular stomping ground for people in search of flavour and ...

  • healthy snacks
  • healthy eating
  • vegetarian
  • vegan foods
  • vegan
  • vegan products
  • vegetarian restaurant
  • Restaurants and Bars
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Mlekoma Sp. z o.o.
Łotewska 5, 03-918 Warszawa, Poland

Mlekoma is a solid and reliable partner on many domestic and foreign markets. Its activity concentrates i.a. on production and sale of milk products and semi-finished products such as raw milk, cream and milk powders designated for further processing. Production and ...

  • cheese
  • Poland
  • milk
  • Milk Drinks
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Rue d'Angers, 94550 Chevilly-Larue, France

Ams European is the luxury fruit and vegetable specialist. Fruit and vegetable imports for the French market. Leading cherry importer into France at Rungis and also the leading green asparagus importer at Rungis. As luxury fruit and vegetable importers we supply ...

  • fruits and vegetables - import-export
  • fruit
  • luxury fruit and vegetable specialist
  • fruit and vegetable importer rungis
  • out of season vegetables
  • out of season fruit and vegetables
  • mangosteen
  • importer of exotic fruits vietnam
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5648 McAdam Road

San Diego-based Vintage Cellars provides custom wine cellar products and designs for wine connoisseurs looking to bring their passion home.

  • wines
  • wine cellars
  • Cellar Plans
  • Equipment and Machinery for Wine Production
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TecLabs Centro de Inovação, Campus da FCUL, Campo Grande. 1749-016 Lisboa, PORTUGAL

Biopremier is focused on innovation, offering products and services in the fields of molecular biology, for the Agrifood, Environmental, Human Clinical and Animal Health industries.

  • Molecular Biology
  • molecular genetics
  • chemicals for laboratories and microbiology
  • Equipment for Agricultural Handling
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136 Hodgson Rd

Atlantic Canadian. Family-owned. Combining science, innovation, and integrity to create better pet food for over 30 years.

  • animal feed
  • pet food
  • Canadian
  • Services for Food Processing
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14480 River Road

Dynamix Agitators Inc. specializes in engineering and manufacturing Agitators and Mixers for industrial process and chemical markets worldwide.

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